Data Security

Security for our valued customers is a big deal to us. Browsing the web should be a private experience between the user and the website, it must not be subject to eavesdropping, man-in-the-middle attacks, or data modification. 

You'll notice that we have not only enforced strong protocols on the checkout pages, where security is vital, but we've opted to make every page on our entire site secure. This is why we’ve incorporated HTTPS everywhere. By using HTTPS pages throughout our site, we’ve taken steps to eliminate risk for our customers - this includes eliminating vulnerable content injection attacks from insecure connections.

Also, we DO NOT store any credit card data in our database. We realize that some merchants store your personal credit card information in order to speed up your check-out process during future site visits. However, the security of this information is our primary concern. We would rather ask you to spend an extra minute or so during check-out to complete this information for each order than to place this sensitive data at risk.

Shopping with us should be a pleasurable - and SAFE experience!